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Apple Repair


Digital Computer World  specializes in Mac repair and services. Our qualified technicians have many years of experience working on Macbook Pros, iMacs, Mac Minis, Macbook Airs, and more. Whether it’s troubleshooting an issue, resolving software or hardware problems, or even upgrading parts to turbo charge your machine, we have the skills to repair your Mac

Apple Repair: Services

Our Services

Digital Computer World Inc works hard to provide all customers with excellent services at the best price point. When you need a professional repair solution, trust the real pros. Take a look at our services below to learn more.

Cracked Screens

Keyboards Replacement 


Water Damage

Software Installation

Hardware Installation

Solid State Drives

Virus Removal

Malware Removal

RAM Upgrade

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iPhone Repair

 When your iPhone breaks, it hurts. We understand. We can get you and your device up and running in no time, with no hassles.

Price Stars $49.00

Macbook Repair

Are you in need of a Mac repair in Hialeah, Digital Computer World Inc, we offer a wide range of repair services to bring your favorite Mac devices back to life. Our professional technicians are always ready to fix your Mac electronics with our shop’s broad inventory of device parts. When you bring your Mac device to Digital Computer World Inc, know that it will be handled by the best technicians in the area

IMac Repair

Apple often quotes $350-$550 as a flat rate to “fix everything.” They fit you into a specific repair tier regardless of your issue, often charging an exorbitant amount of money even if you have a simple problem. We can often fix the problem for less than half their price. Our approach is to figure out your specific, unique problem, and charge you for repairing that only. Feel free to come into our store anytime or call us for a estimate

Apple Repair: Services
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